Small Animals

  • Health certificates
  • Rabies Vaccination Certificate
  • Import Permits
  • Tick & Tape
  • USDA Approved Quarantine/Boarding

The Interstate Health Certificate must be issued by an accredited and licensed veterinarian within 10 days of your pet/s flight.   It includes a statement that says the pet/s have been vaccinated against rabies, has been examined by a veterinarian and is healthy to transport.  The Health Certificate varies from country to country.  Many countries require the certificates be in multiple languages.  Furthermore, some require endorsement by the United States Department of Agriculture and some require legalization by the Consulate of the country that the pet is traveling to.  When moving or traveling internationally a good rule to follow is that the rabies vaccination must be more than 30 days old and not more than 1 year old.  Whether moving within the United States or overseas, we recommend that all immunizations required be current.  *Most international countries do not accept a three year rabies vaccination.

Large Animals

  • Specific Country Health Requirements
  • Accredited Veterinarian Health Exam & Tests
  • International Health Certificates
  • USDA Approved Quarantine/Isolation Facility

AARK Air International, Inc., is an established USDA approved export quarantine/isolation facility.  Before a horse can be transported internationally from the United States, the USDA requires isolation from all other animals for a period of at least 30 days.  These requirements by the USDA apply to any horse leaving this country, regardless of the type of horse or the purpose of export.  To avoid a hectic timeline or last-minute delays, we ask that you allow 3 months or longer from the start of the export process to the time of your horse’s export.  Since export requirements frequently change, AARK Air will assist you in completing the appropriate documentation in order to avoid problems or delays.  We will initiate contact with a private-practice accredited veterinarian to examine the health of your horse and complete the required tests and certifications.  Each country may have additional specific health requirements for entry of horses.  Thus requirements are established by the importing country, not the United States.  Since export requirements frequently change, our consultants will make sure all requirements are met with accurate and complete documentation.


  • U.S.  Government Health Certificates
  • CITES Import/Export Permits, Transit Permits & Testing Permits
  • USDA Approved Kennels/Crates
  • USDA Quarantine/Boarding
  • Air Freight/Delivery

Exotics include Mammals, Amphibians, Snakes, Lizards, Arachnids, Turtles and Tortoise.  Experience and attention to detail enable for a smooth and safe delivery.  From packaging, customs clearance, permits and licensing… we are with you to the end.  Shipping exotic animals can be challenging and can create many hazards.  This is the reason AARK Air International, Inc., takes every step conceivable to protect your pet and provide our customers with complete satisfaction.  We consistently invest in new caging, lighting, and general facilities to ensure your animal has a healthy, safe, and happy stay with us.  Your pet is fed, watered and misted to help maintain weight and hydration and prevent stress.  Import/Export requirements vary greatly from country to country.  We can meet all legal export requirements to satisfy the governments of the importing country by coordinating and arranging most required paperwork including… CITES re-export permits, original US export CITES permits, government and non-government health certifications, transit permits and testing requirements.  AARK Air can also provide for the quarantine of your animal at our USDA approved facility, delivery to the appropriate air carrier, and, upon request, delivery to your door.


  • Accredited Health Certificates
  • Direct Flights with Air Carriers
  • Approved Kennels
  • USDA Approved Kennels/Crates

Shipping can be a very stressful experience for birds.  If you follow some sensible advice from our experienced consultants and adhere to the rules and regulations of the USDA you can avoid undue stress, accidents, loss and injury to your bird/s.  All birds are required to be USDA bonded or microchipped.  AARK Air, by request, can provide you with the appropriate kennel needed.  We can assist you and your veterinarian in obtaining the required export and import documentation needed for the shipment of your bird for each country requirement.   We use direct flights for safety, and we check with the air carriers to insure that there will be no weather restrictions prior to the shipment.  This includes the weather at departure point and the weather at destination.  The USDA has clear guidelines on temperature with limits of 45 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit.


Transportation of reptiles is becoming more difficult in part due to the restrictions placed upon the airline carriers.  Some reptiles may not be allowed into the country of destination.  Please contact our office for details regarding the transportation requirements and special shipping containers.

*Attention:  Please do not revaccinate your animal until you have spoken to us directly.