Please keep in mind that every relocation is unique and involves it’s own expenses. At the time of our initial conversation we will discuss the following in detail:

Your Pet’s Travel Ticket:
Your pet/s airfare is determined by the air carrier and based on the destination, crate size, and special services.

Professional Fees:
Our professional fees are also unique to the number of pet/s, destinations and special services

Approved Kennels:
We carry airline approved, high quality, air transport kennels.

Ground Transportation:
Pricing for ground transportation is determined by destination and whether the delivery or pickup is during Monday-Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

Miscellaneous Fees Incurred: 
Please keep in mind, that we will care for your pet/s in the event of any delay or cancellation in travel and this will incur additional charges for boarding and other services that may arise.

Payment Methods:
We accept purchase orders, pet move authorizations, order of service from relocation management firms, household good movers, corporation and individuals thru major credit cards (i.e.: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover).

A Professional fee of $150 will be charged for shipments cancelled 48 hours prior to the pet’s shipment.  If the shipment is cancelled prior to the 48 hours, a full refund will be credited to the client.

Tax Tip:  According to the IRS publication #521, under Moving Expenses, it states that a pet move is a tax deductible relocation expense when your relocation and moving is for the purpose of a change in employment.  Please consult your tax preparer for more information.