Flight Kennels & Requirements

The IATA Live Animal Regulations and the Animal Welfare Act are very clear in defining proper flight kennels.  Your pet/s is required to travel in a properly sized and specially designed  kennel. These kennels may be purchased by the owner or provided by AARK Air International. AARK Air stores for your convenience all sized Vari Kennels at competitive rates.

Correct Kennel Size:   take measurements of your Dog from the tip of his nose to the base of his tail and from floor to top or head to tip of ears whichever is highest.  This will assist you in the purchase of the correct sized kennel if you choose to purchase the kennel yourselves.  When standing in the kennel your pet/s must be able to comfortably Stand, Sit, and Turn Around.  Your pet’s head Must Not be able to touch the top of the kennel (there should be 2-3 inches of head space from the top of kennel) and Must Not be longer than the kennel from head to tail in normal posture.  If the kennel is purchased by the owner, AARK Air will reserve the right to refuse to ship your pet or replace the kennel with the appropriate size invoicing the owner accordingly.  Owners purchasing their kennels from AARK Air will have them delivered when your pet is picked up for travel.  To measure the size of your Cats kennel, if the cat refuses to stand still, is to determine the cats weight.  We will not ship a cat in a kennel that is less than 15 inches high or in a kennel with a plastic door. Choosing the correct kennel size is normally based on the weight of the cat.

The kennel must always have ventilation on all sides.  We will provide all live animal labels. Any animal 6 months or older must travel separately.

#100 – (21Lx16Wx15H)                #200 – (27Lx19Wx20H)

#300 – (32Lx22Wx23H)                #400 – (36Lx24Wx26H)

#500 – (40Lx27Wx30H)                #700 – (48Lx32Wx35H)

International Kennels:  Kennels for international travel must have ventilation holes on all four sides.

Water Bowls:  your pet/s kennel must also have 1 divided frozen water dish or 2 separate frozen dishes.  Most travel kennels have dishes included.  The bowls must be attached to the door for accessibility without having to open the door so the pet can be given water.

Blankets, Toys, Collars, Leashes:  AARK Air requests that kennels remain as bare as possible aside from a pet/s favorite small blanket/pad or shredded newspaper.  This is recommended for the safety of your pet.  The pet/s collar and short cotton or leather leash can be placed in a small plastic bag to be attached to the top of kennel before shipment.

Weather Embargoes:

Weather restrictions are seasonal and apply to all cities across the United States.   The airlines update weather reports on an hourly and/a daily basis.  Your pet/s will not be able to fly across the United States with temperatures above 85 degrees and below 45 degrees.  When temperatures are below 45 degrees the airlines require a Certificate of Acclimation which must be issued by your veterinarian.  Your veterinarian must indicate what temperature below 45 degrees your pet will be able to withstand within a 45 minute period.  Please keep in mind that weather restrictions can effect the dates you have requested for your pet’s travel.

Canceled Flights:

On rare occasions your pet/s flight may be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.  If this occurs AARK Air will board your pet at our facility until such time as new travel arrangements can be made.  You will be notified immediately of the situation.


AARK AIR will not accept tranquilized pets for shipment.  Tranquilization has been proven to be the leading cause of injury, illness, or death during a pet’s shipment.  If you have concerns or questions about our policy, please feel free to contact us.  Several airlines have also adopted this policy.