We offer this service to clients who wish to relocate their pets themselves.  For a fee we will review the paperwork necessary for your pets move.  Why?

Imagine,  being at the airport with your pet and the airline personnel tell you there is a problem with your paperwork …. what would you do? or that your pet’s flight was cancelled …. what would you do? or there was a delay in clearing your pet through customs …. what would you do? or even worse, your pet’s entrance to its destination was denied resulting in the return of your pet to its originating country …. what would you do?

Fees:       $50 for all Domestic shipments.
$50-$100 for International shipments.

Door To Door Service Worldwide

For an additional fee, AARK Air International is available 7 days per week for pickup and delivery of your departing or arriving pet. Our door-to-door service is available in most areas, either from your Residence, Veterinary Clinic, Boarding Kennel, or even a friend’s home directly to the airport of departure. Our specialized vehicles provide heated and air-conditioned equipment to assure your pet’s comfort.

USDA Services

In most cases, Health papers must be endorsed by the United States Department of Agriculture in the state you reside. The Federal USDA offices are normally located in the State Capital building. The Health papers and Rabies Certificates must be issued by an accredited veterinarian. Should you require these services, please feel free to contact us for assistance and fees.

Consulate Services

Some countries require not only a USDA endorsement but additional paperwork stamped by the countries Consulate or Embassy.  Should you need assistance with this service, please feel free to contact us.


“Cairo’s Canine Lodge”  is a spacious room with individual private areas for each canine with their own comforters/blankets and pillows.  We offer a large outdoor play area and 4 walks per day.

“Cinnamon’s Chalet”  provides our feline guests with condo accommodations.  Included in each condo is a covered  bed, food and water bowls, a litter box with natural cedar pellet litter and plenty of toys.

AARK Air International also provides our clients with Aviary accommodations and a room for our Exotics complete with specialized aviary cages, aquariums, and terrariums.

If our clients need accommodations in other areas of the state, or if boarding is needed at the other end of the move we can use our network of pet transporters and boarding kennels to find the perfect one for your pet.

Boarding fees are based on the number of pet/s, size of pet/s and special needs.  Due to individual needs fees will be provided upon request.

In most cases, your pet will be able to live at your new location upon arrival to the country you will be residing.  However, there are a few countries that require a quarantine period upon arrival.  These items will be discussed with you prior to arranging your pet/s move.


AARK Air International has a “Certified Groomer” on staff.  If this is a service you would like to take advantage of, please request a grooming appointment prior to your pet/s travel or arrival.  Grooming fees are provided upon request.

Veterinary Services

AARK Air International has access to “accredited licensed veterinarians”. They provide complete exams, microchip, tick & tape, and the completion of all paperwork required for your pet/s travel.  Veterinarian fees are based on the service provided.  An invoice will be provided.

Natural Food

AARK Air International is a true believer in feeding our animal companions a “Natural Diet”. If you are interested in receiving more information on our “Natural Diet Pet Food”, please ask to speak with our Animal Consultant. If you are not interested in the “Natural Diet”, please provide your pet with enough food for his stay with us and their pending flight.